Maya is an Award Winning Visual and Experiential Artist.

Her journey as an artist began through underwater photography, initially in nature, later in more controlled environments. It quickly evolved into more multi disciplinary and technologically demanding immersive expressions of Moving Image, Sound and Light.

Her latest work, over 2 years in the making, assembled a collective of disciplines into a site-specific interactive installation in Lisbon called ONE, which opened to the public in early 2020. It has been described as cathartic by many of those who have experienced it.

Despite her embrace of the aesthetic, Maya is drawn to the mysterious and the sensorial, which she seeks to explore in a way that is profoundly intimate and emotional. A recurring theme is that of a single thread connecting life and lives, without division, except in our perception of it.

Her greatest reward is inspiring her audience.

London is home but Maya was born in Lisbon to Portuguese/Belgian/German parents. She studied Biology at Imperial College, London, and initiated a career in consultancy where she eventually set-up her own private practice. The pull towards artistic expression would not be overcome for long and Maya embraced the inevitable. The next few years would see her follow a path of mostly self-teaching,, involving stints at Central Saint Martins, training with lighting manufacturers and learning from some of the greatest image makers of our time such as Tim Flach and Lois Greenfield.

Maya’s work consistently pushes technological boundaries as she pursues a truer realisation of the intended experience. Recent projects have involved developing custom rigs and workflow for capturing and editing ground breaking levels of resolution, colour depth and high speed motion, developing giant multi-screen interactive environments and producing hyper-textured ambisonic soundscapes. All in partnership with a collective of like-minded artistic collaborators, craftsmen and women. All without losing sight of her truth.

Maya's Fine Art work exists in public and private collections and has been recognised by juried international exhibitions and competitions. Collaborations with a range of commercial & private clients include CHI & Partners, Y&R Branding, Orion Publishing, OneDrop Foundation, the Lisbon Oceanarium, Crowood Press, Egoista Magazine, BalbirSingh, Dance UK, AD Dance Company, AD Dance, D&B Performing Arts, The English National Ballet, the Akram Khan Dance Company, Body of People & The Nureyev Medical Foundation.
Maya's Fine Art work is in public and private collections and has been recognised by juried international exhibitions and competitions.
Launch of “ONE” - A site-specific immersive art installation in Lisbon about our ancestral connection to oceans.

A piece that cuts new ground both artistically and technically. This included: ambisonic sound, multi projector 11k resolution width walls, use of AI to slow down imagery, interactive projections. During production we developed the worlds brightest customised underwater lights and engineered purpose-built setups for a attaching high speed camera to RIB and a “rain curtain” to create a moving film of water
Feature Special Edition SABADO / New York Times on Ocean Conservation.

Tel Aviv International Women Artists Exhibition.
Feature in Egoista Special December Edition.

Graphis Platinum Award for ‘Ana - underwater portrait’ series and Silver Award for ‘Veiled’.
P/Art Ibiza Group Exhibition ‘Fantasy’.

125LIVE London - Exhibition for Innovation in Photography and Annual.

Technique Feature for Canon Professional Services on Canon 5DS Beneath the Surface Underwater Beauty shoot.

‘Into the Blue’ Behind the Scenes features, Creative Review.

OneEyeland competition Bronze award for ‘Fine Art’ & ‘People’ categories, Finalist for ‘Advertising’ & ‘Sports’ categories.
Shanghai International Invitational Exhibition. ‘Underwater Dance’ series.

UK Professional Photographer of the Year - Shortlisted.

Installation Magazine June - Feature Q&A on creative process and inspiration.

Creative Review March - Technique Feature on Underwater Photography.

Q&A with Antonia Wilson, Creative Review.
Group Exhibition at Metal Culture, Chalkwell for Dance Photography, curated by Chris Nash.
Group exhibition at City Hall for the Cultural Olympiad, a collaboration with English National Ballet, curated by Chris Nash.

Arles Salon in France summer exhibition - Underwater images in multimedia installation.
Epsom Underwater World Shootout - Finalist Environmental Conservation Category.
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